Electric Upright Bass by Lingsma

Welcome! I am a luthier specialised in electric upright basses.
Currently, I am working on a new model, that will be introduced at the Guitar Summit in Mannheim, Germany 9-11 sept 2022.  

About the Bass

The basic idea of the electric upright bass I am designing, is that the body is a ‘a bundle of wooden slats’ that is held together at top and bottom ends, so the middle is free to resonate.
There are 5 layers, where every layer itself is divided into several bars, resulting in a bundle of 18 different slats that together provide the total resonance spectrum and time envelope of the bass.
It is basically a complex wooden spring, just like a conventional soundbox where resonating wood colors the sound. The major difference however, is that the ‘soundbox’ of an electric bass does not need to set air in motion, so a large surface area to drive air like on an acoustic soundbox’s bass is not needed.

image above (under construction): an earlier 2019 prototype with brass tuners, maple neck and carbon fingerboard.

Specifications of the new design (approximate estimation):

Total length±155cm
Scale length ±104cm
Neck and Fingerboardintegrated carbon epoxy
Tuners Carbon epoxy, brass, steel, 1:27
Body Spruce, maple, carbon epoxy
Electronics Shadow Nanoflex
Endpin and V-stand carbon epoxy
Endpin + V-stand1kg

NOTE: The bass wil be intruduced at the Guitar Summit in Mannheim, 9-11 sept 2022.  

Please check the website every now and then for updates.

Electric Upright Bass prototype 2021